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The Sharing ShedThe Sharing Shed was started in 2001 by Vicki Unser, when she was led to help people in need, and was inspired to show how the Lord provides. She first ran the ministry out of her garage. As the economy declined, the need grew, and the ministry needed a larger facility to house all the donations provided by many loving people. We are blessed to now have the use of some warehouse and office space in O'Fallon.

Many churches in the community have walked alongside us and helped to further The Sharing Shed's ministry. The Sharing Shed is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that walks with fragile families to create independence.

The Sharing Shed has helped over 2,500 families begin a new life. These include families that have been victims of house fires and floods, have been displaced due to loss of employment, are fleeing abusive situations, recovering from homelessness or dealing with other hardships.

We collect used furniture and household supplies from people who are moving, buying new things or downsizing their households; even from estates. These items are then distributed to families in need to assist them to get back on their feet.

All items have been donated to The Sharing Shed and are given to the families at no cost. The work is done by a handful of volunteers that meet on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings to help families choose their furniture, load it onto trucks, trailers and cars, and pray with the recipients.

Many families have no resources for getting large items such as beds and sofas, and our ministry is a great benefit to them. The families receive referrals from churches and local organizations, and contact us to discuss their needs and set up an appointment to choose and pick up their items. See the details on our Outreach page.